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Gruber Power | UPS Battery Maintenance

Battery Maintenance Contract

Gruber Power Service Packages all include battery maintenance during scheduled preventive maintenance visits or during remedial maintenance activity without up-charge.

It's undisputed. If you have equipment, you will have problems. In fact, 60% of breakdowns are due to poor maintenance and 25% of fires and explosions are electrically induced. What if you could foresee problems like these, days or even months, before they occur? Predictive and Preventive Maintenance enables you to do just that.

Our reliability-based maintenance solutions combine the best techniques from each of the traditional maintenance approaches. This provides a comprehensive balanced maintenance strategy that enables you to design maintenance plans that pinpoint maintenance when and where it is needed most.

We maintain all types of battery systems and plants. For VRLA or sealed (most commonly used in UPS's) batteries, maintenance includes:

  • Measure and record battery voltage
  • Measure and record internal resistance
  • Measure, record, and adjust if necessary charger output voltage and current
  • Measure and record negative post temperature
  • Measure and record post to post resistance
  • Re-torque all battery post connections
  • Inspect rack or cabinet integrity, and clean or repair as necessary
  • Inspect Cells/Units for cracks, leaks, jar/cover distortion, corrosion
  • Inspect for corrosion at connecting points, cables, breakers, etc.
  • Analyze and record all discharge events since the last PM

A properly executed battery system analysis requires expensive and sophisticated equipment. Our Field Engineers are equipped with the latest test equipment which includes:

Battery Cell Resistance Tester Battery Impedance Tester
Cell Resistance Tester Impedance Tester
Large UPS Battery Micro Ohm Tester
Large UPS Battery Micro-Ohmeter Tester


Gruber Power Services manufactures batteries specifically designed for UPS and critical power applications. Any battery replacements necessary are handled quickly without lengthy ordering processes and multiple price markups since we carry a large inventory of fresh batteries at all times in multiple warehouses.


Preventive Maintenance Options


Depot Service Preventive Maintenance
For smaller power conditioning units either requiring periodic PM's or battery replacement, our Depot Service is a cost effective option. As part of any depot service activity, a thorough preventive maintenance procedure is followed along with any remedial service required.


Enhanced Battery Maintenance
Gruber Power recognizes Batteries are an integral part of any critical power application.

We are the only independent maintenance organization that manufactures a line of batteries specifically designed for critical power applications.

Optimal battery service life is realized through routine maintenance. As a battery ages, its capacity drops. Annual battery testing is recommended to measure the energy that a battery is able to store. A reading of 80% or less indicates that a battery should be replaced.

Gruber Power Service Packages include battery maintenance usually performed during preventative maintenance service visits. As a battery manufacturer, you can be assured of:

  • Freshest possible batteries
  • Ample supply of all types, sizes, styles
  • Lowest cost - We have removed all middlemen

Extended Battery Warranty
Gruber Power Services offers extended battery warranty plans providing no charge battery replacement during a contractual period when used in conjunction with any one of our Full Service Maintenance Agreements.

Our service history files, research, and field data, indicate 73% of remedial service activity is battery system failure related. To insure UPS systems operate at optimum levels, for maintenance agreement customers using non-GPS batteries, we offer a full battery replacement warranty provided the batteries are were installed within the last 12 months. For customers that purchased the popular three year warranted Gruber Power Services (GPS) brand battery, warranty extensions are available under GPS maintenance agreements.

This program, in conjunction with one of our full service maintenance agreements, helps to provide complete wrap-around coverage with no unexpected costs normally associated with battery replacement.


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