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Gruber Power | Engineering and Design Services

Engineering Services

Improperly over-sizing a power protection system not only results in over-spending, but also can effect optimum equipment performance.

An underutilized power protection system not only costs more than was necessary at the time of purchase, but runs less efficiently, thereby increasing electrical service costs.

An undersized UPS unit will rarely run and eventually fail from the overload.

Proper sizing is critical but can be complex. Manufacturers provide equipment labels which always overstate power consumption, and no easy rule-of-thumb is available for the untrained eye. Although we offer sizing tutorials, there is no better safeguard than onsite sizing by a qualified and trained power conditioning consultant.

Gruber Power Services engineering staff is available for consultation and field analysis which may include load current analysis and consultation with the equipment manufacturers to help determine the optimum size for your power protection needs.

We can provide:

  • On-site Power Consumption Analysis
  • Develop Electrical Installation Blueprints
  • Assist in Selecting the Right Brand(s)
  • Coordinate Installation Projects
  • Develop Disaster Recovery Plans