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Gruber Power | Small UPS Service Programs

We have finally solved the small UPS service problem.

In essence, every IT professional realizes the small 300VA to 3KVA need some kind of service. Batteries age and swell inside the units, and like your car, a no-maintenance plan results in premature failure, damage to the UPS, and costly downtime.

The perplexing question is - How do you cost justify an onsite service plan for a unit that costs less than one onsite visit from a trained Field Engineer? And, if you let your UPS die of neglect, how can you reduce filling our landfills with hazardous waste, and recycle your UPS's and batteries in an environmentally friendly way?

The answer is - The GPS Small UPS Service Program. There are two levels:

GPS Small UPS Service Program
UPS Size Battery Exchange Plan
Under this plan, we will track your battery aging and send you a replacement UPS every two years or sooner as needed.
Full Service Plan
With this plan, any time your UPS fails, we will 2nd Day Air Freight a replacement UPS, and track battery aging replacing the UPS every 2 years.
300 - 900 VA $4.75 / Month $11.55 / Month
1000 - 2000 VA $8.65 / Month $20.55 / Month
2200 - 3000 VA $15.50 / Month $41.97 / Month
Replacement units are all APC brand and either match or exceed the replaced unit size rating. Gruber Power Services pays shipping to customer, the customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Service plan payments are two year.

Battery Exchange Plan
We will track your battery replacement needs by sending you an APC replacement UPS unit with new batteries every two years. Just use the foam packaged box supplied with your replacement unit to return your old unit for recycling.

Full Service Plan
In addition to the Unit Exchange Plan, under this plan, if your UPS fails, we will immediately send out a replacement UPS. In addition, we will track your battery replacement needs and send you a fresh replacement UPS unit every two years.

Here is how it works - For a monthly fee, we will either replace your UPS unit with a fresh unit before the batteries expire and recycle your old unit, or provide a full replacement should your UPS unit ever fail during the contracted period. We will notify you through our Auto-Notify ™ program when your UPS's are due for battery replacement and confirm the ship-to address. Just use the foam packaged box to return your old unit for recycling.

To avail yourself of this program, email us a list of equipment brand, location, and size so we can enter the information in our Auto-Notify ™ tracking system or fill out below.

Enter your UPS's below and we will start processing the service plan of your choice

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