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Gruber Power | Onsite Power Quality Analysis

power quality

System or network reliability problems are many times the result of undiagnosed power problems.

Many customers expend tremendous resources and expense on troubleshooting computer system and network problems only to find at the end of the long and costly trail the cause of the problem was external factors such as Electromagnetic Interference, (EMI), Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), or more commonly, Power Quality Issues.

A trained eye can quickly spot potential external problems in a computer system, network, or data center.

Common external problems affecting system reliability are:

  • Welding in the building or adjacent areas
  • High Current Solid State Switching Devices
  • Proximity to High Power Transmitters
  • Data Cabling between Buildings
  • Heavy Machinery with High Current Contactors

Gruber Power Services Field Engineering staff is trained and equipped with state of the art equipment for field analysis to help determine the source of the external problem.

We provide:

  • On-site Power Quality Analysis
  • On-site EMI/RFI Analysis