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Gruber Power | Testimonials

Gruber Power Testimonial

Our sustained growth and continuous influx of customers is a testimonial that we walk the talk, deliver, and exceed expectations. We welcome your feedback. It helps us continuously improve.

Our customers are saying:

"Gruber Power helped us resolve a problem over a weekend which knocked down a critical security function. Their willingness and expertise made the impact minimal....."

Jack Lawson
Director of IT
Motorola Semiconductor

"It is rare to see vendors execute a project with the precision the Gruber team manifested during our battery upgrades. My hat is off to your employees and the solid management team nurturing these levels of excellence......."

Vincent Vendette
Manager of MIS
City of Phoenix

"I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with Gruber Power. You have saved us thousands each year in reduced maintenance costs. You make my job easier. I am a highly satisfied customer."

Carol Ram
Robotics Manager

"Alan Shaeffer has provided us the means for bringing our project in on time. Your team deserves much praise...."

Annette Lassiter
Office Manager
State of Arizona

"Thank you for a job well done. The Liebert UPS arrived damaged, no fault of yours. Although your people could have easily passed the buck, your Project Manager coordinated the repairs seamlessly bringing our project in ahead of schedule....."

Dale Dawson
Facilities Manager
Banner Healthcare

"How do you guys keep everything I need in stock?"

John Dahl

"Your online store is awesome...."

Cindy Gaithersburg

"....our IT infrastructure is an essential element of our ability to produce quality product. Gruber Power has been an indespensible partner in assuring our success."

Frank DeLacorte
IT Manager

"When we go down, thousands of customers light up our switchboards. Last nights temporary outage was quickly resolved by your Field Engineer Les, who worked magic as usual"

Dan Brossamer
Facility Engineering
Palo Verde Nuclear Facility

"....Gruber Power is always there when we need you...."

Donna Resitnik
Communication Dept
City of Tempe

"When our UPS went down yesterday, we searched for a service provider. Your company was the only one that was able to connect us immediately to a knowledgeable technical resource on the first call, provide a patient and detailed re-start procedure which brought us back online within 20 minutes."

Darryl McFrontage
Medical Imaging
Cigna Health

"Few vendors are as flexible as your Service Department regarding after hours service and "midnight PM's...."

Allan Dryerson

"From design to implementation, your project management team handled the inevitable problems skillfully and efficiently. I will be recommending you to our California based IT operations...."

Joe Blaso
IT Manager

"We have been using Gruber Power for over a decade. They maintain hundreds of UPS's and always resolve our problems...."

Drew Frazer
St Joe's Hospital

"I found the staff very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They did not hover and did not press me for decisions, but were handy and helpful when I wanted them. Overall, an excellent UPS and a wonderful buying experience."

Steve Driscall
Office Manager
Dial Corp

"The units are up and running. Thanks much. We had thunderstorms this week end and all was well."

Randy Fullerton
Chief IRM
Eisenhower Medical

"Thanks for sending Chad Out to look at the generator. It looks like it may have been some drained batteries. He showed me the charger, I thought it was automatic? All is working at this point. Thanks for you help and quick response."

Brett Layson
Tech Coordinator
Alexander Group

"The Liebert STS worked like a dream during dry run testing last night....thank Greg for us and a job well done..."

Myron Sandoval
Chase Manhattan

"...and we appreciate the quick response....the 750 KVA UPS's are impressive, and functioning like a dream..."

Dirk Gladstone
Director of Operations
Carnegie Mellon Institute

"Thank you for processing the order and expediting the shipping. Your customer service response is outstanding. The members of our Smart Cities Group at the MIT Media Lab are working on a number of battery powered mobile robotic and vehicle projects.


I will make sure to recommend Gruber Power Services to my colleagues for their future mobile power needs.


Raul-David V. Poblano

"Your website is without a doubt the nicest in the Power Conditioning Industry.

Keep up the good work!
Sergio Cavallano
Director of Procurement
US Department of Homeland Security

"As always, whenever your Field Engineers are onsite, they demonstrate a level of professionalism and pride reserved only for companies that place high value on customer service.
Thank you for taking good care of our account.

Deborah Whitmore
IT Manager

"Re; 80 KVA UPS and Data Center construction project:
The cut happened smoothly tonight, and all systems are back online.
Thank you to everyone from UTI that worked on this and to our electrical specialists from Gruber Power Services for making this a success!

Jim Johnston
IT Manager

"I just wanted to thank your group for a job well done.
I especially would like to thank Wayne, Rick, Henry, Tony. These guys were very professional in every step of the way. These were all great guys to work with. They were very courteous and very professional.

It was a very satisfying feeling to know the job was in the right hands.

Liz I thank you for the coordination of putting this all together and making it happen.

Again thank you all for a job WELL DONE.

David Zerby
Arizona Department of Transportation

I just wanted to send a follow up email about Rick and the team that completed our UPS and electrical installation of the new 80Kva unit. I have to tell you that the installation is one of the cleanest things I've seen done in 10 years being an IT manager, and I really felt like I never had to worry about a thing the last couple of months (other than the City and their "not so efficient" inspectors).

Every other time I've had something like this done with other vendors; I've always had to micro-manage them and keep them on track. But with the Gruber guys, I would just come in to work, and to my pleasant surprise I'd see another significant portion of work done, totally, cleanly.

Additionally, they were respectful and friendly and I got several comments from people not only in our IT Department, but the folks in Accounting as well (who sit next to the server room) about how good the guys were.

Jim Johnston
Manager of Network Engineering
Universal Technical Institute, Inc.

Message to one of our Field Engineers -
I want to extend my personal thanks for the sense of urgency in the way you quickly addressed and diagnosed the problems we encountered with our UPS system last week.


I know it was a hurried time for you, your family & your customer both needed you! And you came through for both.

I am very grateful for the conscientious & professional behavior I am told you displayed by staging on-site to ensure we were able to sustain the UPS until power was restored.

The staff cannot speak much higher of you. Many thanks.

Roberta Roth
Associate Vice Chancellor
System Computing Services


Unfortunately, we are able to display only a small portion of a huge list of satisfied customer testimonials. Researching this section was enlightening for us convincing us we could never make enough room for all the satisfied customers that have chosen to share their ongoing praise.