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Electric Vehicle Performance Products

Gruber Power is the type of company perfectly aligned to transition into the disruptive technology EV aftermarket.

You may ask why a Critical Power Equipment service organization is suited for this new emerging market.  The simple answer is that after 3 decades of servicing Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) that keep Data Centers operational, our CEO, Pete Gruber looked at the favorite car in his collection, the Tesla Roadster, and came to this realization:

Both the UPS, and Roadster have a 225KW DC to AC converter, and a battery pack for what is called "Runtime" in the UPS industry and "range" in the EV world.  The only difference between a UPS and Tesla Roadster, is one of them is drop-dead sexy and powers a propulsion motor taking you from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds. The UPS powers a data center, looks like your great aunt Ethel, and won't propel you anywhere, but is equipped with the same components as its sleek cousin.

In essence, Gruber Power had developed the skills and expertise to service the EV market before the vehicles were even created, and in that tradition, we remain EV aftermarket products and services pioneers and leaders.