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Mower Battery Chart


Manufacturer CC Model Years Battery

Baker Trimmer

  BK85-ER Lawn King 1996 - 2001 UB16-B

Hull Industries

  TC30ER All Years UB16-B

Lawn King

  LK120 EZ Mower All Years UB16-B

White Outdoor Products

  FST-16 All Years UB50-N18L
  GT-185 ~ GT-205 ~ GT-1000 All Years UB50-N18L
  LT-125 ~ LT-155 ~ LT-160 ~ LT-165 All Years UB50-N18L


Why is this sealed battery superior to other Batteries?


Vibration Resistant Design
 Results in longer battery life
Superior Delivery, Faster Charging
Improved overall performance
1 Year Full Replacement Warranty
Limited warranties offered by the competition
Deep Discharge Recovery
Extended design life from improved plate conductivity
100% Sealed, No acid tube or spills 
  Eliminates acid damage to chrome or painted areas
Longer Battery Storage Life
When fully charged, it can be stored up to 2 years
May be installed in all positions 
Except upside down - Great for custom installations
Shipped Fully Charged
Ready to install upon receipt of battery


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