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APC Symmetra 4-16kVA

The APC SymmetraTM Power Array is a scalable, redundant power protection system for multiple servers and business critical applications. This is an introduction to the SymmetraTM Power Array.

4 kVA $2,100
8 kVA $2,700
12 kVA $3,200
16 kVA $3,600

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The SymmetraTM is a high-performance, uninterruptible power “array” system, designed for large-scale loads. It provides conditioned, reliable AC power to load equipment, and provides protection from power blackouts, brownouts, swells, sags, surges, and interference. The SymmetraTM Power Array system is comprised of either a MiniFrame, or a MasterFrame, and a variable set of modules. A MiniFrame system can be configured to deliver a maximum output of 8kVA, and a MasterFrame system, a maximum of 16kVA.

Product Literature

APC Symmetra User Manual