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APC Symmetra SYBATT Battery Module

The battery source is comprised of parallel, hot-swappable, 120V battery modules. These are housed in the SymmetraTM frame, and in an optional extension battery frame.


Please Note: Stock levels may vary due to discontinuation from the manufacturer. We purchase UPS units and battery and power modules. Please contact us to recycle your equipment.

APC Symmetra Battery Module

APC SYBATT battery packs are refurbished. Save hundreds of dollars per battery pack by buying these completely refurbished SYBATTs with fresh brand new batteries using the popular upgrade "GPS" brand UPS batteries manufactured by Gruber Power.

Each battery pack is fully load tested, warranted and ready to reliably power your Symmetra UPS. These battery packs are used in the APC "SYMMETRA" line of UPS's, a modular design UPS product which allows scalable growth in 4 KVA increments up to 16 KVA.

A SymmetraTM MiniFrame provides bays for up to two battery modules, and a MasterFrame provides bays for up to four. Both of these frames can be connected to an extension battery frame. Additional battery modules increase on battery run-time.

Includes brand new batteries in Modular SYBATT housings, fully load tested, warrantied and ready to go.
These battery packs are used in the APC "SYMMETRA" line of UPS's which is a modular design product which allows scalable growth in 4 KVA increments up to 16 KVA.

Professionally Refurbished SYMMETRA Component
Brand Model Weight Length Width Height
APC SYBATT 65 lb 20.5" 8.5" 6.25"
Input Voltage Output Voltage Color Warranty Batteries Condition
  120 VDC Off-White 90 Days Brand New 2

1 Year Battery Warranty Statement

1 Year Battery Warranty Statement

Product Literature

APC Symmetra User Manual