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6 Volt - 12 Amp Hour Battery

All batteries are not created equal. Gruber manufactures batteries specifically for electronic equipment and offers one of the longest shelf lives assuring your equipment long life and reliability.

These 6V-12AH batteries fit in PowerWheels & Peg Perego Battery Power Ride-On Toys.



Voltage Amp/H Length Width Height Weight
6 Volts 12 5.94" 2.01" 3.7" 3.97 lb


Battery Type
20hour rate (0.6A to 5.25V) 12Ah
10hour rate (1.2A to 5.25V) 12Ah
5hour rate (2.04A to 5.25V) 10.2Ah
Length 151mm (5.94in)
Width 51mm (2.01in)
Height 94mm (3.7in)
Total Height 100mm (3.94in)
Approx Weight
Self Discharge  
Maximum Discharge Current for 5 seconds: 180A
Operating Temp
Charge 0°c(32°f) to 40°c (104°f)
Discharge -15°c(5°f) to 50°c (122°f)
Storage -15°c(5°f) to 40°c (104°f)
Internal Resistance
Approx. 15 mΩ
Container Material
Terminal  F2 | F1 with Terminal Adapters

Product Specifications Sheet

6 Volt 12 Amp Hour Spec Sheet

1 Year Battery Warranty Statement

1 Year Battery Warranty Statement
How to tell the difference between "Fast-on" terminals
F2 Fast-On Connectors F1 Fast-On Connectors F2 Fast-On Connectors



  • Lead alloy with low calcium minimizes gassing and extends the life of the grid.
  • Through unique active material recipes, plates after undergoing curing and tank formation provide outstanding energy density and ensure the quality of the battery.
  • Using brass coated lead alloy battery terminals minimizes the impedance of connecting cells inside.
  • The case made of ABS resin and cells kept under internal pressure protects from outer shock or impact.
  • Micro-porous AGM separator completely absorbs and retains electrolyte under the pressured cell design.
  • Electrolyte sufficiently serves for electrochemical reactions in battery but never spills.
  • Battery cases are sealed in epoxy and cells are covered with vents to avoid cell contamination with the atmosphere and serve for internal oxygen reaction.
  • With very little gas evolution, the water loss is minimized and service life is extended. Excess pressure and gas will be released which ensures safety.
  • Vent design is certificated by UL.
Compatible UPS Units - Battery Cross Reference
Brand Model Qty Per UPS
Best Fortress II - LI 2250 8
Best Fortress Rack Mount - LI 1800 8
Best Fortress Rack Mount - LI 2250 8
Best Fortress LI 1020 1
Best Fortress LI 2.25kVA 1
Best Fortress LI 950 1
Compaq R3000 4
Compaq T1000 8
Compaq T1500 16
Compaq T2000 16
Data Shield PC 200 2
Data Shield ST 450 2
Data Shield ST 550 (1) 2
Deltec PR 450 2
Deltec PRA 1000 2 or 4
Deltec PRA 2000 4 or 8
Deltec PRB 500 1 or 2
Deltec PRB 500 1 or 2
Deltec PRB 650 2
Deltec PRC 1000 1 or 2
Deltec PRC 3000-RM 16
Deltec PRK 450 2
Deltec PRK 600 2
Deltec PRM 1000 4
Oneac ONe200D 2
OptiUPS 1000E 3
Parasystems A1250 4
Parasystems A500 2
Parasystems A900 4
Powerware PW 3110-650 2
Sola 450VA 2
Sola N-250 2
Sola S32200 8
Sola S32200R 8
TrippLite BC PERS500 2
Unisys UP909 4
UPSonic LAN 75 4


  • UPS
  • Communications
  • Lighting
  • Security & Alarm
  • Medical Equipment
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Solar Energy Station
  • Golf Carts
  • Wheelchairs
  • Motorcycles
  • Scooters
  • Riding Mowers
  • Snowmobiles
  • Water Sports